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(AUDIO) Red Sox Manager Threatens WEEI Host


Frustration is certainly setting in for Boston Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine. Wednesday on WEEIs The Big Show in Boston, Bobby Valentine  threatened to punch WEEI personality Glenn Ordway in the face after Ordway asked a question. During the interview Ordway asked Valentine if he has checked out. To which Valentine responded with, What an embarrassing thing to say. Ya know, if I was there I would punch you right in the mouth. Did the hosts egg Valentine on or were they just doing their job?

HERE is a direct link to the audio; or

Before the Red Sox played Seattle last night, Valentine claimed he was just joking with Ordway. Didnt I go, Ha, ha? I dont think physical violence is necessary for 60-year-old people. The Red Sox lost the game.

(10/24/2013 2:36:36 AM)
f53WS8 I really enjoy the article.

- NY
(9/6/2012 8:57:28 AM)
You are a great source of information and insight into our business, why would you have to stoop to Nat'l Enquirer type reporting with this headline?!?!?! The Red Sox Manager did no such thing as your headline states, "Red Sox Manager Threatens WEEI Host. It was HUMOR and in fact the Red Sox Manager, Bobby Valentine, even laughed as did Glen, the host. The supposed "threat" occurred 3 mins into the interview. They even managed to have a good interview for the remaining 20 minutes. Please continue to be a place I go to find out about our great business, RADIO...and do not become a Nat'l Enquirer gossip rag. Keep up the great work. THANKS!

- Jerry Hyland

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