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Jay Severin Signs With TheBlaze Radio Network


TheBlaze, Glenn Beck’s news, information, entertainment, and e-commerce network announced today TheBlaze Radio Network, a brand-new online radio channel. TheBlaze Radio Network will be the new exclusive home for renowned nationally syndicated talk-radio personality and Marconi Award nominee Jay Severin.

The line-up will also include a simulcast of The Glenn Beck Radio Program, America’s third-highest rated radio show which Premiere syndicates to over 400 affiliates across the country, a re-launched show hosted by Stu Burguiere and Pat Gray and audio simulcasts of TheBlaze TV shows. TheBlaze Radio Network can be heard starting later this month on iHeartRadio, Clear Channel's free industry-leading digital radio service, and TheBlaze iPhone and iPad apps.

(2/6/2013 4:26:51 PM)
This guy is an arrogant, 'know-it-all but knows little' jerk; disrespectful and uses language I suggest you keep children away from.."telephony intercourse", "makes me so darned, heh heh, excited, I may have to call a doctor in four hours"- ick!! And as much as I dislike the Progressives he talks about, his "descriptions" are horribly disgusting & divisive. We can expose lies and inform on their intentions-but it's stooping to their level to call them filthy names. Glenn made a bad call here

- ElaineMD
(2/1/2013 12:13:42 PM)
I am trying to find Jay Severin on the air. Where is he??

- d
(11/2/2012 3:51:22 PM)
Listening to him right now. He's really awful. He's been teasing something for the past hour and a half. Get to the point already.

I get burying the lead keeps people listening, but to constantly say I am going to get to my point soon over and over again is just plain annoying.

Won't make the mistake of listening again.

- AK
(9/14/2012 4:40:33 PM)
I am happy to know that Jay will be on a station here in Florida very soon. I used to listen to him up in Massachusets and miss him up in the Rockport area also. He sure tells it like it is and we need him desparately now !!!!

- Marion
(9/13/2012 6:34:40 PM)
Yay - Jay's back...been looking for him.

- carolyn

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