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Crime Doesn't Pay For Allen Pinkett


As we reported Thursday, Notre Dame analyst Allen Pinkett said criminals were good for a football team, while appearing on a Chicago radio sports show. Those remarks will keep him off the air this weekend. The Notre Dame Radio Network suspended Pinkett from the Irish opener and Pinkett has apologized. Notre Dame is in Ireland this weekend to kick off the season against Navy Saturday. Pinkett has been sent home to the States.

The IMG Notre Dame Radio Network, issued this statement:
"Allen Pinkett, a commentator on the IMG Notre Dame Radio Network who made unacceptable comments this week about student athletes, will not be part of this weekend's broadcast in Dublin. Don Criqui and Jeff Jeffers will handle the broadcast duties. Notre Dame taking on Navy at the Emerald Isle Classic in Dublin is an historic game showcasing the very best of American college sports. The event deserves to be free of distraction. Further decisions on this matter will be made in the coming days."

Pinkett's apology:
"In reviewing my's clear that I chose my words poorly and that an apology is in order for these inappropriate comments," Pinkett, a two-time All-American for the Irish who spent six seasons in the NFL, said in a statement. "I am deeply sorry...I understand that there may be consequences to my actions and accept whatever discipline is imposed."

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