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South Florida Host Arrested For Battery


Bill Lewis was arrested on a domestic battery charge according to Channel 6 in South Florida. The WSBR-AM website lists Lewis as the principal of William E. Lewis Jr. & Associates and host of The Credit Report with Bill Lewis, a daily forum for business and financial news, politics, economic trends, and issues. The TV station says Lewis' wife told deputies they were having a verbal argument when he "grabbed her neck from behind squeezing his hands around her neck."

The station reports that Jennifer Lewis "began to struggle and was able to break free before it affected her breathing. Lewis then grabbed his wife's cell phone to stop her from calling 911. When she ran out of the home to call 911, he followed her, "stating if you call you know what will happen," the affidavit said. Lewis told deputies he never touched his wife and said they were in a verbal argument. He was arrested and charged with battery and obstruction of justice for not letting his wife call 911, according to the affidavit.

(8/30/2012 6:48:50 PM)
I'm surprised. This time it wasn't one of Lamberti's deputies. But still....Lamberti has become a stone in the shoe for Broward County. Here, again, he's associated with a criminal. The other, Scott Rothstein, is in jail. We cannot tolerate a law enforcement officer who associates with known criminals. Let's vote Scott Israel in as sheriff in November.

- Jessie

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