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Others Named in the TRN Lawsuit?


Mark Masters is going after additional companies and individuals in the complaint he filed Tuesday. Also named are; Compass Media, Oaktree Capital, Excelsior Radio Networks, Triton Radio Networks, Triton Media, Verge Media, Courtside Entertainment, WYD Media and individuals Spencer Brown, Ken Williams, David Landau, Norm Patitz, Peter Kosnan and Ron Hartenbaum. And here's why Masters named these additional companies and people in his complaint.

Masters alleges that the formation of Compass Media, Courtside Entertainment and WYD and WYM were formed to create the false impression of an independent content provider. Compass lists The Lars Larson Show, Todd Schnitt Show and The Norm Goldmann show under programming on its website. WYD Media carries Michael Smerconish, Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, David Webb, Mike Malloy and Zach Sang. Courtside lists Loveline with Dr. Drew, The Dave Koz Show and Talking Points with Bill O'Reilly.

We reached out to all the companies named in the complaint last night and only received the following response, from Ron Hartenbaum. "I am aware of the litigation although I have not been served as of this time. I am aware that   Mr Masters  has sued both WYD Media, and WYM Media, our newly created affiliated sales organization. He has also sued me personally/individually. I have retained CA counsel since the suit was filed in Federal Court in Sacramento. I am sure it would be fun to be a fly on the wall when my lawyer calls his."

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