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(AUDIO) CBS Says We Are Just Like You

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CBS Sports like NBC Sports will be launching hourly sports updates on September 4th. Both are easing into full blown sports networks that will launch in 2013. CBS will come out of the gate first in 2013 with around-the-clock sports in January and NBC will be 24/7 later in the year. Yesterday we reported that NBC with help from Dial Global will have about 100 stations taking its hourly sports updates. CBS with an arsenal of Cumulus stations will start with about 70. Of course, both of the numbers are expected to rise, depending on who has the stronger sales team and produces the best product. Senior Vice President of Programming for CBS Radio Chris Oliviero agrees that the best content will win. And, he believes that will be CBS. Here's Why.

Oliviero says the CBS Sports Network is the 1st network programmed by a radio company. "We are just like them. It's going to be difficult for others to compete with us." Oliviero says CBS Sports Radio will be widely distributed and widely cleared. "Arguably, It might be one of the most heard features in sports radio on day one." Oliviero and CBS Sports Radio will be highlighted in our special report on the sports talk format in the September 17th issue of Radio Ink magazine. Here is a preview of what Oliviero had to say about the upcoming launch.

In addition, we are featuring WFAN, which is celebrating 25 years, on the cover of that issue.

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