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(AUDIO) NBC Already Has 100 Affiliates


As we continue to look at the upcoming sports talk radio battle gearing up to begin after Labor Day, we focus today on the NBC Sports Network. If all goes according to plan, both NBC and CBS will be launching their update products September 4th. CBS will go into 24 hour mode early in 2013, NBC later that year. NBC - with help from Dial Global - says it already has 100 affiliate stations ready to take the udpate product, which is pretty good being neither company owns any radio stations. When CBS launches it will not only have its own signals to cherry pick from, with Cumulus as a partner, there will be hundreds more to choose from.

Rob Simmelkjaer is the NBC Sports Group Senior Vice President, NBC Sports Ventures. He's also a former top ESPN executive. He'll be part of our expanded sports talk coverage coming up in the September issue of Radio Ink magazine. Simmelkjaer says morning drive and afternoon drive shows are not a top priority for the NBC sports network because those positions are occupied by strong programming at the local level and are harder to sell. In this short preview of our interview Simmelkjaer talks to Radio Ink about getting off the ground with so many affiliates and what those affiliates can expect to get from the NBC product. Here's our interview preview.

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