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Rome Never Took No For An Answer


We are only a few short weeks away from hearing what CBS and NBC will have to offer stations with their new sports updates. CBS will distribute with help from Cumulus, NBC with Dial Global. In our continuing series on the exploding success of this format, today we hear from Jim Rome. Rome is one of the most successful sports radio talk show hosts this format has ever seen and he'll be part of our September 17th special report. The Jim Rome Show is heard on over 250 stations with 1.5 million weekly listeners. He's syndicated by Premiere (Clear Channel) and is known for his aggressive style. In a sneak preview of our interview with Rome, he explains how that approach landed him his first job in radio. A job he had to have doing sports on an AM station in San Diego back in 1986. Here's a short clip from our interview with Jim Rome.

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