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How Long Will Hogan Keep Status Quo at WOR


The New York station is now officially under an LMA with Clear Channel after the announcement of the sale, earlier this week, that bolstered the Clear Channel total in market number one to six. All that remains now is an official closing and programming changes, if there are to be any, and most people believe there will be some. Clear Channel radio CEO John Hogan even hinted to New York Post writer Claire Atkinson that he has an eye on sports. Buckley CEO Joe Bilotta said only that Clear Channel is committed to the spoken word. One WOR host told Radio Ink this week, "Everything is unclear at the moment."

8/1/2012 CBS Goes All Sports on FM in Atlanta

Hogan may indeed want to bid on broadcast rights to some of the New York professional sports teams. He may also be throwing the thought on the table to get CBS to make a move, and show some of its plans, sooner rather than later. CBS is a big player in the New York Sports arena not only with broadcasting rights but with the number one sports station, WFAN and a new sports talk network its launching with Cumulus. Everybody on the planet also believes that at some point WFAN in New York will move to an FM position on the dial. Most find it hard to believe it hasn't happened already.


Hogan told the Post, “The Yankees radio rights come up next year, so do the New York Jets and there are others. If you look around on other news talk stations, sports can be a component. Part of the New York opportunity is that it allows us to think about the entire cluster, think about promo power of five radio stations plus WOR. That’s a really compelling package for sports players and advertisers.” Over the next year, the sports talk format will be the most fun to watch. With the launch of several new networks, companies flipping their sports stations over to FM and the runaway success of what was once the only company doing a sports network, ESPN, things are lining up for quite the barnburner in that format.


(8/22/2012 5:21:16 PM)
I was shocked that John Hogan kept his position at Clear Channel after the sale. I knew the Lowry boys were asleep at the switch, but I thought I left Bain Capital in better hands! The first thing I would have done is fire a guy who said that ratings don't matter.

- mitt romney
(8/17/2012 2:58:48 AM)
He certainly looks like a stupid fuck. A nerd Jew if I ever saw one.

- JewNerd
(8/16/2012 5:40:01 PM)
If there is a face of some of the worst of what has happened to broadcasting, John Hogan is its face. Ready, fire, Aim! That's John Hogan. Bad decisions, rash decisions.... and then push the blame down the line. That he is still employed confirms that Bain Capital bought a ship of fools.

- Jim Brady

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