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Radio IS Where Consumers Discover Music


As we reported back on August 6th, a new study details how consumers are still coming to radio to discover new music, despite what others may tout as the latest online music delivery system or how many views a YouTube video receives. Today there are more details from the study called "Music 360," compiled by Nielsen research.

Nielsen collected 3,000 online consumer surveys. Topics addressed in this study include:  where/when music is consumed, through which device(s), apps and services; digital vs. physical purchases;  the process of discovery, and how/when discovery converts to purchase; insights around spending, share of wallet, and retailer preferences; live events; and much more.

Radio is still the dominant way people discover music (48%) – followed by tips from friends/relatives (10%), and YouTube (7%). And despite a trend toward YouTube for younger consumers, radio still rates high. YouTube gets 64% followed by radio at 56%,   iTunes is at 53% and and CDs 50%.

Even more impressive is how radio is coming along on the smartphone, even without an FM chip in every phone. 54% of the consumers surveyed have music player apps on their smartphones, 47% have radio apps and 26% have music store apps on their smartphones

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