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Why The Red Real Estate Number For Radio?


We asked Borrell & Associates CEO Gordon Borrell to give us so more detail about the study that shines such an ugly light on radio. He says it's not only radio losing out to digital. "Actually, if you look at the 2012 numbers, the only increases are for cinema, outdoor, telemarketing, and online. Everything else (including radio) declines" Borrell went into more detail as to why the real estate category now frowns upon traditional media.
Borrell says, "Newspapers offered classified listings. That clearly migrated from print to digital. TV and radio offered branding for brokerage firms like Century 21, Weichert, ReMax, etc. That changed because brokers scaled back their control of advertising over the past six or seven years, putting the decision-making and costs more in the hands of the agents. The agents buy listings, not brandingand we all know that radio and TV are branding media.  So thats why broadcast has been losing out. If they could only get the individual agents to buybut its like herding cats. There are hundreds of thousands of agents, and they spend in very small increments. But they will buy cinema advertising in local theaters (its very cheap), and some will buy localized billboards near neighborhoods they represent."

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