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Clear Channel Flips WXKS-AM to All Comedy

After losing Rush Limbaugh to WRKO last week, Clear Channel follows up by officially flipping its AM talker in Boston to all-comedy today. It becomes the first Boston radio station to feature comedy all day long. Matt Siegel of KISS 108’s “Matty in the Morning” will anchor the station. “Matty’s Comedy 1200” will launched at 8:30 this morning.

Clear Channel Market Manager Mary Menna said, “Comedy has a longstanding tradition in Boston and now we are giving it a radio home. Matty has been making listeners laugh for more than 30 years on KISS 108 and he is the perfect choice to anchor our new comedy station.  ‘Matty’s Comedy 1200’ will be a natural extension of his iconic brand.”

(2/1/2013 9:17:59 AM)
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- yAWVsByOLHOshnjq
(8/15/2012 12:59:44 PM)
I cannot find Rush anywhere on the Boston area dial and he isn't scheduled to start on WRKO until next week so ... did WXKS violate its contract with Rush for sour grapes? If so I will NEVER listen to them ever again!

- Mike

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