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Is FM Chip Gaining Support in Congress?


The NAB and FM Chip advocate Jeff Smulyan have apparently gained another ally in Congress. Michigan representative Hansen Clarke (pictured) is calling for another hearing, to talk about the FM Chip, in a letter to the Chairman of the subcommittee on emergency preparedness, Congressman Gus Bilirakis. Bilarakis held a roundtable discussion about the chip back in April and one hearing, called "The Future of Audio" has already been held in Congress.

The NAB and Smulyan have been saying having the FM Chip in all cell phones is a question of public safety. The wireless

industry has not been a big supporter of Congress getting involved, especially if the plan is to mandate the chip into all phones. Clarke says the chip issue, "is a very important issue that could have serious implications for this country's homeland security." He added, the ability to communicate clearly and effectively is critical in times of an emergency. I believe the use of broadcast radio chips can provide consumers with fast and reliable access to both emergency alerts and in-depth emergency information."

Read the entire Hansen letter HERE

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