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A $15K Fine For A Laundry List Of Violations


Debut Broadcasting, former owners of WLTM-FM and WNIX-AM in Greenville, Mississippi, gets hit for failing to maintain operational emergency alert system (EAS) equipment, maintain EAS logs, and operate in a mode and power authorized by its license. Agents observed WNIX-AM operating with daytime power. The operations manager admitted that WNIX-AM’s equipment was not functioning properly and was not capable of switching to nighttime mode and power. But that's not all.

During the inspection, the agents also observed that Stations WLTM-FM and WNIX-AM were sharing EAS equipment with a third co-owned and co-located station. The equipment that switched the EAS equipment to stations WLTM-FM and WNIX-AM, however, was malfunctioning, thereby leaving stations WLTM-FM and WNIX-AM with no operational EAS equipment. The operations manager admitted that it had been “some time” since the switching equipment worked and since stations WLTMFM and WNIX-AM had operational EAS equipment.

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