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DG Execs Get Raises, Set Big Meeting


According to an SEC filing, on the day of the Westwood One merger, the salaries of Dial Global co-CEOs Spencer Brown, David Landau, and Ken Williams were bumped to $600,000 per year (from $519,000) in new four-year deals. All three are also eligible for bonuses of $250,000 and given a car and parking allowance of $1,250 per month and a country club allowance of $15,000 per year. Additional income comes from stock options.

Eileen Decker, who holds the title of President of Sales, is paid $450,000 per year plus bonuses. The company also set it shareholder meeting for September 7 in Los Angeles. You can read the entire SEC filing HERE

Brown, Landau, and Williams landed at number 21 on the 2012 Radio Ink Most Powerful People in Radio list, up 7 spots from the 2011 list. Here is a piece of what the three co-CEOs spoke about in that issue. "The radio industry’s progression over the next five years will be directly related to the successful execution of a 360 approach to its two main constituents: listeners and advertisers. For listeners, radio needs to continue to focus on its unique and distinctive relationship with the listener, which is far more personal than other forms of passive media and therefore far more impactful. Making sure that radio is delivering the best content to foster that experience is of paramount importance and the expense will more than be made up by the monetization of loyal listenership. Radio also needs to continue to embrace technology and provide a means of connection and interaction with its listeners on every platform available, so that it has the opportunity to engage with them meaningfully at all times. With advertisers and the marketing community, radio needs to continue to develop more accurate and timely methods of measuring its audience engagement and provide data that directly correlates radio advertising’s effect on an advertiser’s sales and ROI. The continued development of reporting systems technology and an industry focused on collaboration and standardization in this area is crucial for the radio industry’s financial progress. We’re proud to say that Dial Global meaningfully contributes to the business of radio  in all of these areas currently and will continue to do so as the industry progresses."

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