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Everyone Wants a Piece of Pittman

Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman has just been named the new chairman of the newly formed Advisory Council for Free Speech Week. Free Speech Week is an annual event celebrated during the third week of October. Companies, nonprofit groups, educational institutions, and individuals are encouraged to participate by conducting their own free-speech activities during that week. Pittman says, "Freedom of speech is the most basic right in our democracy, and a critically important part of the fabric of public debate. Raising awareness of freedom of speech is a worthy and important initiative, and I am happy to join with The Media Institute to increase national awareness of Free Speech Week and its role as the country's premier annual celebration of free speech."

Media Institute President Patrick Maines said, "Bob Pittman and his colleagues on the FSW Advisory Council promise to take Free Speech Week to a whole new level of public awareness and participation. We are thrilled that someone with Bob's background and knowledge has offered to help us further the understanding of free speech and the critical role it plays as a bedrock of the American value system."

Free Speech Week was created in 2005 by The Media Institute, which continues to promote FSW and manage its website  The next Free Speech Week will take place Oct. 22-28, 2012.

(7/31/2012 3:03:33 PM)
This man pays Rush Limbaugh $40M every five years to say the same things everyday and eliminate hundreds of opinions of local broadcasters that were born and live in the markets that they would serve, if there were local jobs. CCC and syndication have killed free speech, you have to pay Bob to get a word in edgewise in this corporate radio monopoly that you sing the praises of...unbelievable!

- Max Kix

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