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Pirate Boasts About His Station


This one comes from the Nashua Telegraph where Antoine Anthem tells the paper he doesn't have a license to operate at 87.9 but it's not really that big a deal. No, we dont have one. If a commercial station wants to complain and push us away, they can. It hasnt been a problem because were not interfering with any other broadcasting station. Forget about the fact that it's the law that you need an FCC license. It's also a little out of the ordinary for a Pirate to openly boast about operating illegally.
The FCC is looking into the situation, according to the paper. Absolute Broadcasting GM Jerry DiGrezio is quoted in the story. The big deal is were playing by the rules and someone else isnt. And, he added there is occasional signal interference with his stations. Absolute owns AM talk radio stations WSMN, WGAM and WGHM.  DiGrezio pointed out that TheBeat which has no call letters because it has no FCC license doesnt pay fees to music-publishing groups such as ASCAP and BMI. We have to pay the fees, and we dont even play any music, he said. Anthem said TheBeat doesnt pay a music-publishing fee because it doesnt play contemporary hits in heavy rotation.

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