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Radio is "Cheap, Ubiquitous, Tricky to Track."


It's interesting to see how others describe radio when the industry makes national news. The AP reported the Friday story about Mitt Romney's Super PAC, Restore Our Future, announcing it will spend $1 million in nine states attacking President Obama. At the same time the AP also dropped in an opinion about the industry. "While both Romney and Obama — and their allies — have been shelling out millions on television ads, neither has been aggressive on radio, a relatively cheap and ubiquitous medium that is trickier to track and easier to target."

The Super PAC ads are scheduled to run in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. We should learn more about how much money some of the big companies are actually receiving this year, which is expected to be a record year of spending. Clear Channel reports earning Wednesday after the bell, Radio One, Univision and CBS report on Thursday and Entercom reports Friday

The AP report also said, Mitt Romney bought about $150,000 in radio time this month in the Columbus, Ohio, market and about $9,000 in New Hampshire.

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(7/31/2012 7:45:12 AM)
The comments following this article show why radio is having trouble:

Anyone wondering why a $1 million political buy in radio is enough to draw headlines these days. Here are a couple of good reasons.

1) Mike, you are missing what the terms "track" and "analyze" mean in today's world of accountability. If I am wrong, please illuminate all of us on how easy radio is to track and analyze.

2) Phil, supply and demand establish rates. Any Economics 101 course teaches that. Also, about your suggestion on jacking up those commercial spots "per client per hour." How long do you think you'll keep an audience to sell?

What's sad is how neither of you use your last names. What are you hiding from, being identified as holding high levels of hubris?

When will radio sales start offering what is being bought? When will mindsets like these (demonstrated above) finally get booted out of radio sales, so the industry can get with the times?

- Ken Dardis
(7/30/2012 12:02:57 PM)
According to the standards set by the MRC, Media Monitors can track it quite well. I'd be happy to share how with whomever at the AP isn't aware how easy it is to track and analyze.

- Mike

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