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Beasley Revenue Drops 2.8% in Q2


Beasley was unable to keep the good earnings news going Friday, after a huge quarter from Journal a day earlier. Beasley Broadcasting Executive Vice President and CFO Caroline Beasley said a weak April (-7%) and the company's Fayetteville stations underperforming caused the drop. Beasley has a cluster of six in Fayetteville. May was up 2% and June was up 1% for the company. Here are more specifics about the Beasley quarter.

Beasley said local revenue was flat for the quarter, national revenue was down low to single mid digits and automotive was a bright spot. The company says July is pacing close to May levels. Beasley also reported weaker than anticipated political revenue ($70,000) mainly in Augusta and Las Vegas. One big reason ad revenue declined in the quarter, along with expenses, was the company decided not to hold a concert in its Fort Myers market.

Next up on the earnings board is Clear Channel next Wednesday after the bell.


(7/30/2012 2:43:41 PM)
@Anthony: Why do you think they keep sending her to meetings at the FCC? Could YOU say "no" to her? LOL!

- Looker
(7/30/2012 12:47:49 PM)
Carolyne Beasley: You're the most attractive lady in the media. Congratulations!

- Anthony
(7/30/2012 11:43:11 AM)
No one is interested in HD Radio. What a pathetic waste of time trying to force the cell phone carriers to include and activate FM chips. LOL!


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