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Salespeople Challenged By More Competition.


One of the biggest challenges we hear from radio salespeople is how they have to deal with so much selling competition on the street. In addition to the regular cast of characters from newspaper, television, and the yellow pages, sellers also have to deal with every new digital product that comes along such as Pandora, Groupon, Facebook, Google, and every local coupon company that John Doe launches from his one-bedroom apartment. To help you succeed faster, we've lined up a killer Sales Meeting Podcast that will be available to download tomorrow in our morning headlines and on our website focused on helping salespeople sell more radio right away.

Both Matt Sunshine and Sean Luce will be answering questions that were sent in by our readers. The questions are from salespeople and sales managers, and the challenges and objectives they run into selling radio. If you would like to receive a link to this Podcast later today, before it posts in the morning, please send an e-mail directly to Here are some of the topics that will be covered.

#1 More and more competition. Meaning: more avenues to advertise. Newspaper, TV, radio, outdoor, social media, Internet, direct mail, etc., etc. Harder to be seen and get the desired ad frequency needed to succeed.

-I tried radio once and it didnt work --  Managing your clients' expectations because people are very visual and they cant see their commercials on the radio like they can on TVTrying to manage the desire for immediate results from the client.
- "No one says that they are hearing my commercials on the radio."
- Since new cars sales are up and successful, what about satellite radio and Pandora in a virtual dashboard?
- Too many different media outlets, Im confused with what works best.
- Attrition.
- Getting the 2nd order from a new client.
- Dealing with advertisers who have a little bit of knowledge, and all of a sudden are experts.
- Competition painting pictures of whats a must-do, must-have media outlet, etc.
- Clients expect immediate gratification and results.
- Smaller or same budgets, but with more ground to cover.
- The ever-changing state of media as a whole. Outside of radio vs satellite radio, or even the integration of Internet and its positive and negative effects on radio, its important to stay informed about all the other media you compete against and their changes. (i.e. erosion of newspaper readership and why; cable subscription erosion; DVR and its impact on how television viewing habits have changed, etc.) "Its important for me to understand the positives and negatives of all media because I want to be more than an advertising rep. I want to be considered a marketing consultant as well."
- Finding new ways to effectively target and come up with relevant strategies for non-traditional advertisers that dont typically utilize radio as a part of their marketing and advertising plans. 
- Figuring out ways to balancing corporate initiatives and client needs. 

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