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Female Listeners Love Radio Contests


Women who keep radio listening diaries or carry a PPM meter are much more likely to participate in radio station contests according to data to be released today by Alan Burns and Associates. CEO Alan Burns says, 31% of all women 15 to 54 tell us they have entered or tried to win a radio station contest in the past year, which is higher than most people would guess. But diary-keepers and meter carriers are 55% more likely to have done so. Almost half of the actual ratings respondents we talked to had tried to win a radio contest in the last twelve months.

Burns will host a webinar today at 3:30 (Eastern) to discuss his findings. "The appeal of some contest prizes can be out of proportion to the prizes actual cost. A years supply of free gasoline will attract as much participation as giving away $5,000 in cash, despite costing roughly half that much.       

Burns says this weeks data release from his companys third annual study of womens media behavior will answer key questions about the Top 40 format and its listeners, including:
-        Whats driving Top 40's surge?
-        Whats the biggest difference between winning Top 40s and also-rans?
-        Is More Music is a winning Top 40 strategy?
-        Who would Top 40 fans elect President?

Burns interviewed over 2,000 Top 40 and AC listeners for this years study and is releasing the results in a series of free webinars presented by Triton Digital. Register for the Free Webinar HERE

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