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Young, Smart and Excited to be in Radio

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(by Ed Ryan) Listening to Jennifer Smart discuss the radio industry and her love of being on the air will give you hope that the future of the radio business is quite bright, despite the consistent drumbeat that music curation is going drive radio into a wooden casket. Smart's story is one we hope to see all over the country, young people getting into the radio business, encouraged to do so by her family, and proud to be part of our industry. She's 15, has her own radio show and understands the power of radio.  

The news in the radio trades can often be negative, dominated by cutbacks, layoffs and consolidation of services. What's happening in radio is happening in many industries across the country. And, while it may be a bit of stretch to say a positive attitude will always land you a job, we think you'll agree that uplifting personalities and people that enjoy what they do every day are success magnets. Who wants to listen to someone complain about how the industry has changed day after day? Go do something about it. Jennifer Smart, who started the Jennifer Smart Foundation two years ago, when she was 13 is a Rising Star in our business. She uses a radio station her foundation purchased, in Albuquerque, to promote her foundation and she's having a great time doing it. We wanted to share her story with you. Here's our interview

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