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Arbitron Quiet About Online Ratings


It was a topic of discussion on the Arbitron earnings conference call yesterday but not much was revealed about any ratings service that accurately reflects online audio listening. Yes, they are working on it. Yes, customers want it. No, we do not have a date when such a service is going to be available. That pretty much sums up what Arbitron executives wanted to publicly reveal about an online ratings service.

(7/20/2012 1:13:33 PM)
Why does the industry need Arbitron for online listener tracking services? I have several tracking systems provided by my website company. I get more information about online listeners from free software than Arbitron can ever provide about over the air stations. I would know them all by name if I required them to register. I know how many podcast downloads we send out, when we send them and their destination. Alexa is another helpful addition for demographics. None of this is new.

- Fred Lundgren

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