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Readers React, Respond to Arbitron Comments


Our Friday story with Cumulus Co-COO/EVP John Dickey generated a lot of reader feedback. Most stories that concern Arbitron often do. Dickey, in a preview of an upcoming cover story for Radio Ink magazine, is very critical of the ratings service. His comments also happened to come a day after Arbitron reported another quarter of excellent growth. Here's how you responded to what Dickey said.

In an upcoming cover story in Radio Ink magazine, Cumulus Co-COO/EVP John Dickey was not afraid to speak his mind about the shortcomings of Arbitron. "I think all Arbitron has done is advantage themselves as a company. Their stock has grown handsomely. They've got a very good balance sheet. They have done a nice job of growing their business in the face of an industry that has gone the other way. They have had, at every point or turn in the road over the last 10 years, as they have been rolling out PPM and talking about sample sizes and talking about sample construction in cellphone-only households, every single chance they have had to do the right thing, they have done the wrong thing."

In the Radio Ink Top 40 issue, just released this week, Dickey came in at #14. In that issue, Dickey railed against Arbitron as well. "I've continued to push for more accountability and transparency with Arbitron. As an industry, we need a ratings system that is both accurate and cost effective. Arbitron has failed our industry on both of these points. My hope is they will reverse their groupthink and start paying attention to the needs of their biggest customer."

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That explains why the Cumulus stations are missing completely from the last book for the Toledo, Ohio market. Must be Dickey doesn't want to pay, or is it because he's afraid that his station that's been #1 for 14 years really isn't #1 anymore?

- John Caravella

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