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What's Next for Paul Finebaum?


With about 6 months left on his contract, Birmingham talker Paul Finebaum and Cumulus have quietly settled their differences. For months the two sides have publicly battled about Finebaum's contract. However, when the settlement is signed, mum is the word. Finebaum will continue to work for Cumulus, "pursuant to the terms of the current employment agreement."

That agreement expires in January. The big question becomes what will Finebaum do then. Originally that answer was easy. Cox wants him across the street and it was clear Finebaum wanted out. Don't forget one important fact. Cumulus and CBS will soon be launching a sports network together. Did the Dickey's whisper the network details in Finebaum's ear?

Here is the legal mumbo jumbo both sides want everyone to see:

The parties to the litigation among Paul Finebaum, Citadel Broadcasting Company (“Citadel”) and Bill Thomas, former General Manager at Citadel, have reached an amicable resolution of the litigation. The terms of the settlement are confidential. The claims were contested and the settlement in no way constitutes an admission by any party concerning the validity or invalidity of any claim, counterclaim, or defense raised in the litigation. Mr. Finebaum's relationship with Citadel will continue pursuant to the terms of the current employment agreement. Other than a separate statement from Mr. Finebaum, the parties will make no further statement concerning the settlement of this matter.

From the Finebaum Camp
General Manager Bill Thomas have settled their differences. Thomas was part of the contract dispute lawsuits going back and forth between Finebaum and Cumulus. And, the two have been, or had been, good friends for a long time leading up to the court battle. Finebaum said, "I am particularly pleased that the claims involving Bill Thomas are resolved. I have known Bill for many years and have valued his advice. We both regret that we became personally entangled in what was essentially a business dispute with former management and we look forward to repairing our relationship."

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