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Pittman on Being Most Powerful: "Let's Tell Our Story"

"I think the radio industry has a powerful story to tell. We're one of the big three media--tv, radio and internet--in terms of reach, usage and engagement. And we all belong in the mix media in a major way. However, radio is the only one of the three that gets far less of the advertising pie than it deserves. The good news is that all we really have to do is tell the story to the decision makers--it's a story the key decision makers don't know and won't know unless we tell it and tell it often."

"We also have to be marketing partners--figuring out how to help our advertisers achieve marketing goals that are essential to them. We're not going to reach our potential if we just respond to rfp's and "sell spots."

"And finally, harnessing the full power of radio means we have to engage every part of our companies and our talent. John Hogan and I both dedicate a part of our time to personally meet with advertisers to understand their plans and needs and develop solutions. And John uses our programmers--our chief creative people-- to help develop plans and creative solutions for our advertisers. Our on air talent even has a big role to play with ideas and execution. It's about team work--at all levels in our companies and among all the radio companies. All the radio companies are  fierce competitors with each other, but we also need to be strong collaborators working together to sell the power and unique benefits of radio to marketers who under-use radio, or don't use it. And when we convince them to try it, we'll definitely get a thanks--because we always make their marketing more effective, and always more efficient."

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