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5 Questions With Cox GM Debbie Morel

Why retire?
Because I can and fortunately Im still young enough to enjoy!  Seriously, I wish there was another word to replace retirement, it sounds so old and over!  Im moving on from a very blessed and fulfilling career of 33 years in the radio business and 28 years with the best media company ever!  I am very proud and grateful for all the opportunities and all the people I have worked with and befriended over the years.  Now its time for my husband, Marc, whos been retired since we moved to Orlando, and I to enjoy the next, most exciting time of our lives!  Our roots are calling us back to Chicago and the Desert Sun is calling us to Arizona, so, the plan is to live our dream by dividing our time between Arizona and Chicago while traveling around the world as much as possibleGod willing. 

What has changed since day one on the job as a GM compared to today?
Everything!  Change is good and should be embraced.  With that said, there are some things that should never change.  The Values that you instill and build a culture around are the foundation for everything else.  Talent, research and development along with the fun factor helps to create our brands.  And, developing custom and creative marketing campaigns for our brands and customers brands remains a priority which ultimately allows us to achieve our profit goals. 

But, the key is having the right Talent and knowing that People are what differentiate you from your competitors.  People are our Greatest Assets has been the mantra of Cox since day one and something that I have always embraced.  When I was promoted to VP/GM, Nick Trigony, President of Cox Radio and Television, told me that a successful GM doesnt have to be an expert in every aspect of the business, however, you do have to be an expert in surrounding yourself with those whom are experts that you can trust and share the same vision.

I think the most significant change speaks to the resources available through the advances in technology and how we decide to maximize and monetize those resources to improve our brands along with our customers businesses.  At the end of the day, were all creating ways in which we can be better operators, increase profitability and remain relevant.  I believe we are all trying to figure out what is the most effective and efficient structure of people and resources to be the best.

What 3 tips/pieces of advice can you give radio folks who have set a goal to become a GM?
Thats the million dollar question!   I would sayRemember the importance and contributions of others in that you are only as successful as the People who work with and for you; Always do the right thing, your reputation is the only thing you have control of and will be with you forever; Try and hook up with a great company and always have confidence in yourself and your abilities. 

What is the most important part of a GM's job today?
I believe the most important part of a GMs job is being a great leader of People in a creative and thriving environment, working together toward a shared vision.

Is the Radio industry in a good place in your opinion?
Absolutely!  As the Radio Industry continues to identify ways to be relevant, radio will continue to be a part of everyones life.  The most successful radio professionals are those with the Radio Gene!  The passion and creativity levels are unmatched to those who have dedicated themselves to the most fun and competitive industry I know!  I hope that Radio will continue to recruit the talent thats necessary for Radio to thrive in the future!

Congratulate Morel on her wonderful career

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