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Farley Proud of His WTOP Team During Storm.


WTOP Vice President of News and Programming says when the storm hit the DC area on Friday, knocking out power all over the city, his news organization was ready, and vital information was delivered, in every way possible to consumers. "On-air, online and in the social media space we have led the regional dialogue as well as being THE vital information lifeline. There as so many instances of people working long hours and extra days even knowing they were going home to brutal heat and humidity with no electricity, no air conditioning. Our Twitter feed has taken on a life of its own as our listeners/viewers flock there to ask questions and share information."

(7/3/2012 7:09:59 AM)
I am in DC, and didn't need no friggin FM chip in my cell phone - I just used my trusty AM/FM pocket radio to listen to WTOP. WTOP was nothing special as they just repeated the same information over and over. This was a setup if I ever saw one.

- Gregory

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