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Jeff Haley Not Quite Done With RAB.


Marketron has announced a new relationship with the Radio Advertising Burea. RAB's Account Manager will be integrated into the Marketron Mediascape Platform. The integration will allow RAB Account Manager customers to connect with any Marketron traffic and billing solution. You may remember Jeff Haley recently left the RAB to become CEO of Marketron.

Haley said, “The integration of RAB Account Manager with Marketron Mediascape bridges a gap that we recognized in the marketplace. Improving the overall efficiencies of how radio stations operate has been a driving mission behind the Mediascape platform, and this partnership with RAB marks another milestone for the initiative.”
RAB CEO Erica Farber said, "Our integration with Marketron strengthens the entire industry by showing how companies can work together to benefit all. We are proud of the work we have done with Account Manager and its connection with Marketron in being able to provide a seamless and complete solution.”

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