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Read Your Comments About the FM Chip Debate


Shapiro says the writing is on the way, 47% of people in a survey he cited in his testimony listen to radio less then they did a year ago. Listen to our interview with Shapiro HERE

Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan, who has been the driving the FM chip issue, says Shapiro is wrong and this is not dead. "We have had countless members of Congress requesting, even demanding that there be a study of this issue. He also says let the market decide. It is clear that there is no free market on this issue in the United States.  Everywhere else in the world, people can walk into stores and decide to buy a phone with an FM radio. In the US, there was no opportunity until recently, because the carriers have blocked the phones and even now, any information about phones with FM is never distribute. Well over a billion phones have been sold around the world with FM, only in the US has the consumer been denied the opportunity. Why is he so afraid of Congress studying this issue?  Why is he so afraid that chips that are already in millions of phones in this country be turned on.  People have already paid for those chips in the phones, why shouldn’t they have the ability to have access to them?"

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