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(AUDIO) Can You Believe it? WFAN is Turning 25

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It was an experiment many thought was too off the wall to succeed. It turned out to be a pioneering radio station that spawned what has become one of the most successful formats on the radio today. And what started out on one AM frequency in New York, with an average signal, the sports talk format is now very successful, popular with listeners and has led to many companies using one of their FM signals on dial positions once reserved exclusively for music radio.

Eric Spitz is the program director for the CBS owned Sports Radio powerhouse in New York WFAN. Not only is Spitz the PD, he gets to be part of a station he grew up listening to, which is a dream come true. And, as he points out in his interview with us Spitz was there, watching the station struggle, doubt itself and grow with Imus in the Morning, a move to a more powerful dial position and signature New York sports events that put the station on the map. An event that the station considers a big event was September 11th.

Listen to our interview with Spitz HERE

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