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(MIW SPOTLIGHT) Alex Cameron of Emmis

Last night in New York City, the signature event for HOT 97, Summer Jam, was held in New Jersey at MetLife Stadium. A perfect opportunity for us to spotlight, Alex Cameron who runs the show for Emmis in the Big Apple. Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan says of his New York market manager, "Alex is one of the most talented people I have met in the radio business. Whether its managing the constant change we have had in New York, overseeing our remarkable Summer Jam Concert', or being one of radio's most vibrant ambassadors to the advertising community, Alex has done a terrific job."

Cameron has been with Emmis for 10 years now. She started out in radio nearly 20 years ago, on the air.

RI: Why have you succeeded?
Success is a relative term but I suppose my attitude and outlook have helped. Attitude is something I notice often hinders or helps people regardless of talent. Dont expect it, earn it and consider that a privilege. There are no shortcuts in life. If you want something worth having, it will require work. In my opinion, balance is bull! It sounds good and a lot of people talk about it, coach it, and recommend balance, but I dont know of any top performing athletes, entrepreneurs, entertainers, or really competitive professionals that actually have real balance in their lives.

I believe in striving to one day attain it because balance is something I believe to be a reward. Balance is earned at a certain point in life. To deliver a concentrated effort, great commitment, or perseverance at anything, generally requires sacrificing some balance. Any success I have had has partially come from determination and sacrifice. Ive spent time and effort to learn something better, work smarter, work harder, work later, squeeze more out of a day, more out of a project, push others harder and myself hardest. My balance happens in waves. Im not a work-a-holic, Im a work-a-luv-it, so I go go go until I cant anymore. I live in a world of organized chaos which is where I thrive. When I need a break, I take a fabulous vacation or do something to get re-energized and re-inspired. I travel to a new country or try to conquer a new sport, or do something that intimidates me until it doesnt anymore. Life is too short for balance right now. The world is very different today than when I started my career and Im just as eager. But how I measure success has changed. I think knowing myself and how Im wired, how I thrive, but understanding thats individual and not universal is key. I try to learn and respect what works for you and works for me and to leverage the differences appropriately. Ultimately, I seek purpose and richness in my life which is heavily entrenched in loving what I do and the people I do it with.

What advice do you have for others trying to make it to the top like you have?
Cameron: Dont try to do everything by yourself. Delegating the right assignment to the right talent is an art and good for both parties. I used to hoard work and projects because I only trusted myself to do them properly -- my way LOL -- which was arrogant and a fast way to chronic burn out! Were all really good at something and we all know someone whos really good at something else.

Do the thing(s) youre really good at and spread it, teach it, share it. Engage colleagues or staff in tasks they are really talented in. Whatever you are trying to achieve, the result of a big project or goal will likely be exponentially greater by involving others in the vision, execution, and celebration. Chances are it will also get done a lot faster, more efficiently, and people will appreciate the fact that you trusted them with being counted on and valued with the expertise to contribute.

You will harness the potential of others and your value will extend by being able to do so. Out of that old rule do, defer or delegate, Im a big proponent of doing myself and delegating the right projects. If it can be deferred, and its not worth delegating, its probably not worth doing at all! Dont be a hoarder, or worry too much about buffering, real talent wants to be engaged, accomplish, and contribute. Learn to share the work, to share the love. Be brave. Be willing to take risks when you truly believe they are the right risks. Be prepared to be singularly accountable when they are not, be prepared to share the credit when they are."

Congratulate Alex Cameron directly for a job very well done.