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5 Ideas For More Web Hits And Revenue


Here are five Web content ideas that can help build your brand, up your Web hits, and meet your listeners' expectations. Plus, you can keep them regularly updated, and you should even be able to sponsor them!

Music Insider

If you play current music, some of your audience enjoys knowing about new tunes before anyone else. Your music director (or PD or an air talent) can update this page every week with songs you're not ready to play yet. You can post Mp3s or videos. You can ask for listeners' opinions and create polls for them. You can also let these people know when good new songs are going to play for the first time on your air.

When To Win

Sometimes, we resist playing to "contest pigs." However, for stations that do regularly scheduled prize giveaways, or just hand out a ton of stuff on the air, you can help create listening appointments with this page. Daily or weekly, create a list of what your audience can win and when, exactly, on the air. The promotion director and the PD would most likely need to work out some sort of scheduling system, but if you're using giveaways to get more listening, take that info online, too!

Target Lifestyle Category

There's a category your sales manager wants to expand. It's one that your target audience is interested in. Yet, you can't really run lots of special programming about this on your radio station. Do you have an on-air talent who's interested in this subject? I used to have a midday talent who loved reviewing new TV shows and movies. She wrote about it on our website all the time, and we got regular entertainment buys because of it. Depending on your format, you could target gardening, home furnishings, grocery, financial, cars and car care, and on and on.

Event Guide

Listeners to all formats just expect that their favorite radio station knows what there is that's fun to do in town. One staffer can keep your online event guide updated with concerts and goings-on that fit your target audience. They can even highlight certain events on the event guide webpage with extra content or audio interviews. Because listeners expect this information, this one's a no-brainer to promote regularly on your own air to get more Web hits, and more exposure for your page's sponsor.

Personality Show Blog

Make sure your big morning show or local talk show has a webpage that's about what they did on the air…and what they're going to do. Our fans expect to go to our websites to learn more about what they heard. You can provide links to additional content that relates to what got discussed on the air. Maybe you can provide audio snippets of the show to listen to. Or, use your commenting feature to provide a forum for your biggest fans to weigh in. Plus, let your listeners know what you're planning to entertain them with next time.

Which of these do you think you could start doing right away? Remember, for any of these, you can also create :30 or :60 sponsored content for your station's online stream.

Chris Miller has been a major-market PD in Atlanta, Portland, and Cleveland. He now operates Chris Miller Digital, which he launched. Visit his website at
Contact Chris via e-mail, or 216-236-3955.