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Boortz Not Buying "Friendlier" Talk Angle


In the upcoming May 7th issue of Radio Ink magazine talker Neal Boortz discusses the recent push by Cumulus and others for a more toned down type of talk radio. Cumulus launched Mike Huckabee April 9th pushing the show as a friendlier conservative talk host. Boortz isn't buying that consumers have tired of the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others and they want to see more talkers like Huckabee and Michael Smerconish. Boortz says listeners want to be entertained. "Mike Smerconish is immensely talented. Barack Obama likes him. But on the radio, he is not compelling or exciting. He is methodical and dependable. The listeners are not going to react with overwhelming enthusiasm to somebody like that."

Boortz adds, about Smerconish, "I can see where he would want to go on the air and say "The type of talk radio I do, that's what the consumers want. That is what they are going to be looking for in the future." It's a great sales pitch to get people to sign on to your show. I still think what the consumers are looking for is, number one, entertainment. They want to be entertained. It can be a liberal, a libertarian, or a conservative. It can be far-left or far-right. If they are entertained, they are going to tune in. The ratings are going to be there and the advertisers are going to be happy." Smerconish is syndicated by Dial Global.

In our interview with Boortz, he also says, "syndication is really destroying the supply of good local talk show hosts. The talent pool is very shallow. So, the wonderful world of syndication, while it's been marvelously lucrative for the few hosts that manage to really get into it, it has really smothered the development of local talk radio talent." Neal Boortz has now been on the air for over 40 years and is heard on over 200 radio stations.  

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(5/8/2012 12:05:14 AM)
I listen to people like Boortz because he is very entertaining. The fact that I agree with most of what he says and get informed at the same time is just a plus. Radio isn't like tv. You can't have people just talking and giving their opinion without some form of entertainment thrown in regardless of whether or not I agree with what's being said.

- Aaron
(4/30/2012 12:42:58 PM)
Smerconish IS as dull as dishwater. So is Hannity. Beck and Boortz entertain. Limbaugh still entertains, but his routine is a little stale. For me, Savage is king on the right. And on the left, all hail Mike Malloy!

- Radio_Fanatic
(4/25/2012 7:53:27 PM)
May I remind the person wanting to save "the REPUBLIC" that the Roman Empire was, at least for a time, a republic, too.

While we can probably draw some significant parallels between their Senate and ours, on the whole, I'd rather have a functioning democracy than a republic.

Just sayin'.

- Steve
(4/24/2012 11:41:06 AM)
Boortz is by far my favorite radio host, and it's not even close.

- JB
(4/23/2012 10:35:28 PM)
Neal Boortz is more entertaining than either Mikes either have. Also lets dont forget the top titans in radio are Rush, Beck, Sean and Levin. Rush and Beck have their own companies so they have no bosses to tell them how to do their shows and Sean and Levin are great hosts who mix good topics and great guests in on their shows. Lets not forget that the other things they have in common, rock ribbed conservatism. Liberal talk radio is an endangered species. They had millions of dollars put into Air America and it flopped like a caught fish. No body wanted to hear it. But lets face it, Smerconish and Huck are moderate at best. Good guys but moderate milquetoasts. Passion equals ratings.

- Drew Poe

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