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Radio Stations Rallying For Trayvon


All over the country, radio stations are organizing local events and broadcasting special programming for the 17-year old Florida teen who was killed by George Zimmerman in Sanford Florida. In Norfolk, over 2,000 local residents joined Entercom Friday for a "Hoods up" demonstration in support of Martin. The station’s listeners , most clad in hoodies, rallied along Virginia Beach Blvd. in Virginia Beach to peacefully ask for justice for the slain youth and his family.

Carrying signs of support and requests for justice, the station's listeners were extremely grateful that Z104 provided them with a platform to express their feelings about Trayvon's death. The station said, "we expected several hundred listeners to rally with Z104 and we were thrilled to see the numbers grow to thousands. Not only were those who stood with us incredibly enthusiastic, so too were the drivers in the thousands of cars honking as they passed our demonstration."

In Greensboro North Carolina, 102 Jamz, another Entercom station, spearheaded a drive to send empty Skittles bags to the Sanford, Florida police department. Morning host Kyle Santillian told a local TV station, "Even if you're not African-American and/or minority, you can look at the situation that went on with Trayvon and see something doesn't seem right."

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