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Multi-ply Your Sales!


Our word for today is ‘multi’. Everyone seems to be multi-tasking and advertising on multi-platforms in a multi-media environment. But the key to successful selling today is to make multi-dimensional presentations. Our survey of 540 local advertising decision-makers  reveals the average business is approached by 16 vendors a week trying to capture a share of their marketing budgets. That includes everyone from the on-line daily-deals folks to SEO consultants, and from media sales people to sales trainers…..16 a week trying to capture shares of marketing budgets!

In that multi-competitor world, she who makes the best multi-dimensional presentation wins!  Boring presentations that offer X number of spots for X amount of dollars on your ‘number one’ station (every station claims to be number one) just doesn’t cut it in today’s competitive environment.

Our friends in the TV world have been selling the power of ‘sight, sound, motion and emotion’ for years, but now you can do it too. We’ve been able to prove that presenting your case with a minimum of five to seven different tools significantly increases both closing ratios and average order size. Some of the tools you might consider in pursuit of your next big account;

1.) Video. With over 120 million YouTube videos, and 200,000 new videos being added daily, you can search YouTube for a video to make virtually any point you want to make in your presentation. I recently searched ‘pitfalls of seeking instant gratification’ and found a video of the classic marshmallow experiment where the instructor offers kids the option of one marshmallow instantly versus two marshmallows if they wait ten minutes. It makes the point about clients wanting instant results versus the greater results of advertisers who think long term, but in a more entertaining format than a verbal or written presentation.
2.) Color. We have the tools today to make cost effective full color presentations with photos, full-color graphs and more. By the way, a flashy ‘media kit’ is NOT a presentation. I know of no business owner who has ever chosen a particular radio station based upon their look-alike generic media kits.
3.) Sound. Every major presentation should include a demo or spec commercial for your prospects to hear. If you believe in the power of sound to influence and inspire people, utilize that power in your presentations.
4.) Multi-connections. Our research has proven that pre-selling your prospects with a minimum of 5 to 7 valid business contacts  will invariably open doors to more powerful and impactful presentations; strategically-crafted emails, voice mails, snail mails, post cards, and a long list of other creative contacts can presell you and your station making it easier for you to connect those dots when you make your presentation.
5.) Photos. Renowned communicator Dale Carnegie said “The sweetest sound to any man is the sound of his own name.” Dale didn’t have cell phones that could take pictures. Today you can go beyond name mentions in your presentation to including photos of a business, its’ staff, its’ customers, products and more…the sweetest sight and sound is all about me, the customer! 
6.) Multi communication techniques. Using a strategic mix of humor, analogies, story-telling, testimonials, PowerPoint and research in your presentation can make your presentations more entertaining, informative and stand out against the other 16 competitors vying for your prospect’s business this week.
7.) Multi-media combos. A presentation that includes radio only does not have the same credibility and impact as a presentation that includes radio in combination with other media like web, email, social, event sponsorships and more.
8.) Multi-formats  Use technology to help you design a mix of written presentations, PowerPoint presentations, presentations on your laptop or I-pad, and even remote presentations using tools like GoToMeeting to connect by phone or online. You can invite a number of people from different locations to your online presentation that you might not otherwise be able to get into one room.

Your clients and prospects cannot possibly buy from all sixteen suitors this week. Every media can claim to be ‘the best’, but it’s usually the best presentation that wins.

Your multi-dimensional approach will put the ‘WOW’ in your presentation to bring it to the top of a pile of look-alike presentations from your competitors.

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Wayne Ens is President of ENS Media Inc and can be reached via e-mail Wayne Ens

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