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Cumulus Teams With Radiate For Traffic


Cumulus is teaming up with Radiate Media to launch a new traffic reporting service. It's called “Right Now Traffic” and will launch on Cumulus stations in the top 75 U.S. markets beginning in April. Radiate was formed back in October of 2010 and CEO Chris Rothey says, in addition to teaming up with 750 Cumulus stations, his new traffic service will be made available to other stations as well. We spoke with Rothey last night about the deal and his company. You can listen to that interview here.

Listen to our interview with Radiate Media CEO Chris Rothey HERE

Cumulus CEO lew Dickey said, “We’re excited about launching Right Now Traffic with Radiate Media. Americans are spending more than 1,000 hours per year in their cars. Our listeners, advertisers and network affiliates all demand accurate and timely traffic information, and this partnership enables us to address that need with a best in class service.” Cumulus also plans to make Right Now Traffic available to other stations. Right Now Traffic reports will be powered by government sensors, toll tag monitoring and billions of GPS data points. Cumulus says, the market for advertiser-sponsored traffic reports is estimated to be at least $300 million. The combined reach of the Cumulus and Radiate networks will be able to serve a significant majority of that market.

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