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Breitbart's Last Radio Appearance


Andrew Breitbart, who unexpectedly died at the age of 43 early Thursday morning, appeared on The Hugh Hewitt Show on the Salem Radio Network Wednesday night 7 hours before his untimely death. It was his final talk radio interview. In the interview Breitbart was discussing the latest controversy in which he was embroiled. Breitbart was an integral part of the success of theDrudge Report in its early stages and also helped launch the Huffington Post. You can listen to that audio HERE and see more coverage at

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(3/2/2012 10:56:33 AM)
The surprise, to me, is that Orson Bean was his father-in-law. Back in 1968, I worked for a few days with Orson on the radio spots he voiced for "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". He had many stories to tell about his experiences being blacklisted due to Senator McCarthy's witchhunt. He didn't seem to be someone who'd want to associate with someone of Breitbart's ilk.

- Jack Mindy

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