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Report: WQAM Host Has Big Gambling Debt


The Miami Herald is reporting that WQAM afternoon drive host Sid Rosenberg owes $44,500 to a Costa Rica-based website. The paper interviewed Frank Soviero who says he works for and has been in Miami trying to collect on the money Rosenberg owes for two months. We cant sue Sid since what we do is illegal in the United States. Ive tried everything. He comes up with 100 bucks here and there, and he gives me a big hug," Soviero is quoted saying in the paper.

Read the entire Herald story HERE

(5/4/2013 5:41:34 AM)
I use this automated betting solution. They say only two percent of people who gamble will ever make a long-term net profit from their wagers? It's true.

- Rod Fencil
(2/13/2012 1:39:59 PM)
Quit complainin' or you're kneecaps might get broken. Just sayin'...

- Slightly Out of Focus
(2/13/2012 11:10:33 AM)
I am at a true loss for words. Radio ink has slipped to an all time low. I look to your company for real industry news, not this kind of tabloid crap!

- Judih

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