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How To Become a Mobile Organization


By now youve all probably heard me evangelize about using mobile as a way to reach and engage with listeners. This time around, Id like to talk about another way to use mobile to your advantage for internal communications.

Lets be frank, how many of your employees do you think are checking their work email on a Sunday night? But what if there is an emergency an all hands on deck sort of situation that needs immediate reaction. Seeing that we as Americans are rarely more than arms reach from our mobile phones, mobile is a quick and effective way to reach those within your organization.

Remember the days of phone trees? In which each individual was responsible for calling the next one down the list, and so on? What a terribly ineffective way to communicate with your staff. Here are some of the benefits of using mobile internally at your station or broadcast group.

Right People, Right Time
The tools used for mobile list creation allow you to slice and dice your contacts into useful lists for outreach.  For example lists can be created for drive-time jocks, management team or all staff. This will ensure that the right message gets to the right people in a timely manner.

Pinch Hitters
We all know the panic that comes along with the last minute Im sick I cant make it in today call. Then the frantic calls to all your backup jocks looking for a replacement. What if in a single text message you could reach them all and quickly identify the right jock for the job?

Breaking News
In the days of Twitter, Facebook and Google Alerts, breaking news happens faster than ever. With mobile, you can reach your entire staff in a matter of seconds whether its a natural disaster that requires prompt and thorough reporting or the end of a celebrity marriage that requires your most well connected celebrity gossip experts you can be sure that the right people get the message fast.

You use mobile for listener contests, so why not internal contests? Its a fun and unique way to engage and reward your employees. Extra tickets to this weekends concert? Send out trivia questions or hold a mobile opt-in raffle.

Internal Communications
Sending simple internal communications like the office is closing early due to a snow storm or updated vacation policy are also great uses of mobile. In reality any message that you want to communicate quickly and effectively has a home with mobile.

If youve already invested in mobile technology, you might as well extend it your internal staff. Your employees might even thank you for letting them off the hook on checking their corporate email on the weekends.

Ivan Braiker is the president of Hipcricket+Augme Technologies, Inc. Drop him a note at 

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