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Randy Wins One in Fight With CBS


In the back-and-forth battle of who should say what about their respective New York City news stations, it appears Merlin has gotten CBS to make a change. When CBS demanded Merlin's WEMP stop saying, "You Give Us 22 Minutes. We'll Give You The World" and "Traffic And Weather Together," Merlin countered by demanding CBS stop saying "New York's One And Only News Station." Yesterday Merlin received word that, while CBS disagrees with the Merlin assertions, they are in the process of replacing the slogan "New York's One and Only News Station."

1010 WINS’ announcers now make the following claim at the top of the hour:  “More people get their news from 1010 than any other radio station in the nation.” So for now, even Rodney King would be happy. Everyone seems to be getting along.

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