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Read Your Comments About CBS/Merlin Fight

Merlin Media CEO Randy Michaels was the recipient of another infringement letter from CBS intellectual property and litigation attorneys. CBS wants Michaels to know they own the famous trademarks You Give Us 22 Minutes. We'll Give You The World and Traffic And Weather Together." And, they want Michaels to stop his New York Station WEMP from saying "Give us 10 minutes, we'll give you the world" and similar slogans.

The lawyers say the Merlin phrases "intentionally are confusingly similar to CBS' iconic" slogans and call it willful trademark infringement. Michaels has until the end of the day today "to comply with this demand" to stop using them. There is a somewhat ironic twist to this story. CBS-TV in New York is airing commercials promoting the same station, WEMP, lawyers are threatening.


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- NY
(1/20/2012 4:19:18 PM)
I understand why CBS is defending their intellectual property. However I have no idea why they would be the least bit concerned about WEMP in New York.

I applauded Merlin for investing money in trying to do something different on FM, but I am quite amazed at what they came up with.

I have some questions about WEMP New York’s only FM News Station

1)Why is the processing set as if the station is a hit music station?

2)Why is there so much over the top imaging? All the bells, whistles, pops and zings. The station sounds like it is broadcasting live from the casino floor at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

3)Why do the anchor teams anchor as if they are hosting the morning show on an AC music station? Many deliver the news with a music radio smile on their faces

4)Why are many of the anchor’s former music radio DJs? Were there no news people available?

5)Why don’t the anchors identify who they are? The station is made up of a bunch of random voices. The station sounds like the Public Address System at a department store. People do connect with news anchors when they know who they are.

6)Why the choice in news stories? Many are just fluff. Often the station is way out of sync with what the top stories are.

7)Why does your morning weather man call himself the “Weather Geek”? It sounds stupid.

8)Why do you think “Ten Minutes of Non Stop News” is going to make people tell their friends about the station?

9)Why is the mission to be the top News Station with women? Don’t you want to try and be New York’s News Leader?

Just wondering

- Bob
(1/20/2012 11:18:05 AM)
I really don't care. Randy says he doesn't want senior citizens like me in his demographic, so I don't listen. He can advertise til he's blue in the face; I will continue to get my radio news from WINS.

- Stu Chamberlain

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