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Brian Baltosiewich

One Laime Podcast

One Laime Podcast
Brian Baltosiewich

Podcasting hasnt just provided a renaissance for radio pros, its proving to be the next thing for stand-up comics as well. You know about the success Adam Carolla is having. But comics like Harland Williams, Marc Maron, Jimmy Pardo, Greg Proops and scores of others have taken to the interwebs, and other comics have shown up on their podcasts as guests. Comics who wont do mainstream media interviews will do another comics podcast.

Its providing a boost to comedians not unlike the comic club explosion of the early 90s. Elizabeth Laime, a Los Angeles based comic launched her own podcast, the Totally Laime Podcast (get it?) and took a few minutes to tell me why its become a great avenue for comics.

It's become a pretty hip and fun medium for them, Laime said. It has the potential to reach so many people and also gives them a chance to show their funny  side without doing "bits." Laimes podcast was launched while she and her sidekick (both on the show, and in real life- Andy is her husband) were listening to other podcasts and decided we can do this!  The technical aspects of a podcasts that get in the way for others were no obstacle- Andy is an LA record producer and had all the gear necessary. That gear is now set up around the couples kitchen table and thats where the comedic magic takes place.

The other thing thats helped Totally Laime expand? Low expectations. We never expected for it to grow this much, so if we had sixty listeners in the beginning, that was fine by us - it was just a fun outlet at the time. Then, I'd say it spread by word of mouth in the comedy world - I had my talented friends on as guests and their fans would tune in and it went from there.

So, how does one professional group finding a new venue relate to our group, the radio pros looking for the next connection to an audience? There is common ground. Laime told me the best thing about a podcast is its hers. Everyone can bring their own unique spin on things and there are no suits telling you that you can't."

Sound familiar?

As for the million dollar question, Totally Laime takes a zen approach to their podcast. Money is not a focus. We want to keep our show as pressure free and un-corporate as possible. To us the whole point is to reach as many people as possible and often times when money is involved, it limits that reach, so the successful people who are making money in podcasting are being creative in terms of monetizing."

You can find the Totally Laime Podcast on iTunes (naturally) and at

Brian Baltosiewich has been a broadcast professional for more than 20 years.  His podcast website, features professionally-produced podcasts from radio pros who have lost their gigs.

Reach out to him at or through their twitter account @radioexiles and on Facebook at

(1/13/2012 11:04:51 PM)
Good write-up, Brian! I am probably biased (since I podcast for you over at but always nicely done on your stuff in Radio Ink!

- Bobby DeMuro

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