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The Dial Global Three Get New Contracts

Now that Dial Global, post Westwood One, is a public company, financial documents regarding employment agreements are filed for shareholder viewing with the SEC. The latest filing has details on the employment agreements for Dial's three Co-Chief Executive Officers, Spencer Brown (pictured), David Landau and Ken Williams. All three will be paid a salary of $600,000 and each will receive a $250,000 bonus for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2011. Each Co-CEO is also entitled to receive a car and parking allowance of $1,250 per month and a country club allowance of $15,000 per year.

(12/22/2011 11:39:22 AM)
Oh boy, it's not too difficult to see why their stock keeps descending further into the crapper. These half-wits appear to put their greatest effort into maintaining a well fed network of cronyism. While Rome burns, Let Them Hear Dees.

- Franklin
(12/22/2011 10:59:03 AM)
Ah...the truth is so refreshing when it blows by on the wind and you smell it and recognize it!

- Jock Kix
(12/22/2011 8:35:47 AM)
Wow, great story as always...and now we can see firsthand why the 99% are so ticked off...$1250 a month for car and parking, $15,000 a year for country club dues...poor guys can't afford what the rest of us have to pay for out of our own pitiful salaries.

- Jock Harris

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