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MOBILE - Liked is Good. Mobile Makes It Better.

Earlier this month, Lloyd Ford wrote a great piece with tips about Facebook and radio (9 Ways to Make Your Facebook Content Explode).  Today, Id like to add a tenth tip: Extend the value of your Facebook presence through mobile marketing.

For radio, the benefit of mobile engagement is obviousit provides us with the ability to readily reach consumers on their most personal of devices, their mobile handsets, and have two-way interaction that continues when they leave their cars or turn off their radios. It is a medium that extends the value of our mediumincluding the value we provide to our sponsors.

And now mobile can extend the benefits of another medium that is bolstering listener engagement: Facebook. Stations can easily integrate their mobile-marketing efforts with their Facebook presenceand the benefits are significant:

Advertisers can easily capture multiple levels of opt-in data from their Facebook fans, including email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and locations.
Radio stations can implement technologies that seamlessly integrate their Facebook data with existing mobile and email databases to dramatically reduce the cost of acquiring customer data, while leveraging the full power of Facebook.

Heres why coupling Facebook and mobile marketing makes sense to reach engaged, opted-in listeners:
- Theyre already going mobile to get social. And theyre already going social to connect with you. More than 350 million active users currently access Facebook through their mobile devices, according to statistics released by the social-networking site.
- Since theyre already connecting with their favorite radio stations on social mediasome stations have hundreds of thousands of likes on their pagesoften on their mobile devices, the logical progression is to extend that connection right to their phone, through compelling content that reaches them when theyre not on Facebook.


Earlier this year, KIIS-FM in Los Angeles integrated its mobile marketing campaigns with a Facebook page that now has more than 150,000 fans. We value our loyal fans and are looking for ways to extend our interaction with them, said Eileen Woodbury, Clear Channel Los Angeles Marketing Director. They had used mobile marketing and listener loyalty clubs for yearsand have extended those efforts by connecting their social media campaigns with mobile marketing.

They want the interaction with their favorite brands on this medium. In fact, theyre still waiting for it. According to Hipcrickets fourth annual Mobile Marketing Survey, consumers want to join mobile customer relationship management (CRM) or loyalty programs for their favorite brands (such as radio stations and their sponsors)33 percent would be interested in joining such a program, but only 12 percent currently participate in one.  Yet 75 percent of consumers found value from participating in mobile loyalty clubs.

For stations, the reasons are just as clear:

You already have the listener datanow you can make better use of it. You can easily capture multiple levels of opt-in data from their Facebook fans, including email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and locations. In many cases, you just need to ask permission to interact with your Facebook fans via mobile. Mobile helps you better use listener data. Mobile marketing enables you to further leverage listener data with better-targeted contentor, for your sponsors, better offers.  And listeners have shown an increasing willingness to exchange personal data for compelling dataor savings.

This convergence of mobile and social presents stations with incredible new opportunities to interact with listeners. Theyve already shown they like you on Facebookmobile marketing empowers you to give them more.

Ivan Braiker is the president of Hipcricket+Augme Technologies, Inc and can be reached at 425.202.0833 or

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