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Move Your People Closer to Exceptional


At this time of the year it’s important to find the focus that is necessary to improve great radio organizations in preparation and reflection for the upcoming year. Sometimes the best tactic to approach this with is to boil the focus down to one important word that matters. As the year begins to wind down, it’s a good time to consider how important in the day to day world of radio the word “exceptional” is.

The term to me sets the perfect tone for where we should be heading with every one of our staff’s and departments. Exceptional is defined as: Superior, well above average, extraordinary. Those words strike the chord regarding everything we work toward accomplishing in radio. Competition is greater than ever. Those who perform exceptional will win in the long run. Is your brand viewed as exceptional in the mind of your listeners and customers?

Are you viewed as superior when it comes to customer service for your listeners? If you’re not focused on this on all levels: front desk, prize delivery, phone etiquette or responsiveness, remember that bad news travels fast. Is your air-staff exceptional when it comes to minute by minute execution? We’ve all heard that even the best talent “hit the guard rails” in an occasional break. We need to strive for exceptional content every minute of every day.

Does your station strive to be an exceptional member of your community? re you “well above average” and “extraordinary” on how you lend a hand to those in need? In just about all cases, the standards for excellence need to be re-booted. Exceptional is defined as: forming an exception, a rare instance or unusual.

Being exceptional in today’s cluttered media landscape is critical to success and rare instances of this performance will destroy us. Does your station promotions team understand what exceptional truly means and how superior is the only impression that counts for clients or listeners? With the year heading into the home stretch, now is the perfect time to pull all of your staffs together and recalibrate toward exceptional.

Move your station to exceptional by:
1) Uniting your troops and re-frame your mission with specifics
2) Set your next series of achievable goals and form timelines
3) Bring your team together in the next 4 to 6 weeks to monitor progress.

Move your people to exceptional by:
1) Acknowledging specifics of greatness from your staff that can be emulated by others
2) Encourage all on the team to never allow good to be good enough
3) Keep fostering an organization built on collaboration and fun.

Buzz Knight is the Vice President of Program Development for Greater Media. He can be reached at
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