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A Great Ending to A Tornado Tragedy.

A Great Ending to A Tornado Tragedy.

Many of you will remember a story we were closely watching several months ago regarding Cox Birmingham's Chris Coleman. In fact many of you donated money to Chris via a PayPal account we had set up shortly after a tornado ripped Coleman's house to shreds and destroyed everything he owned. We are happy to bring you the good news from Chris that he'll be moving into his new home (pictured) in less than 2 weeks. Coleman told Radio Ink this weekend that his family is doing very well and he's very thankful. "This has changed my life completely. I look a life totally different now...go to and see what I am doing here."

Coleman, who's house was totally destroyed in the tornado, says he had so much help and support from Cox and so many other people. "My DJ fraternity stepped up in a big way from the NAB to the ABA...MAN!!! I tear up every time I think about it. My Church and churches that I didn't attend showed up and helped out."

Send your thoughts to Chris

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