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Randy Lane

How to Pull Off A One-Man Morning Show

by Randy Lane

Many of the suggestions we make are for multi-player shows. Yet there are many morning shows across the country, in all markets, that have a cast of one. Here are some ways to have a successful show with one player. Many of these tips work for multi-person casts as well.

- Make content choices that involves listeners -- like phone topics -- just be careful not to sound desperate for callers.  Best to produce bumpers with the phone number so you don't have to give the number out all the time.

- Air a contest early to get the phones going. Talk to any contestant (that sounds upbeat and fun) about one of the day's hot topics. "Did you watch the Emmys last night?" "Have you ever craved catsup-dipped bananas like Beyonce?" The edited conversations can be used later in the show to start a phone topic. 

- Use contest winners to tease upcoming content. Brett in Gainesville also uses his 6:30 Truth or Trash winner, while she is on the phone with him, to tease his upcoming Stupid News segment.

- Set up a "Panel of Experts" (relationship and parenting experts, doctor, local weatherman, nutritionist or trainer, style guru, financial advisor, etc.). Build a contact list of "go to" guests so that when a story breaks, you can have someone with expertise to talk to, e.g. a kindergarten teacher or school principal to talk about back to school tips. 

- Build a cast of peripheral characters (interesting and colorful real characters from your life, the station, your family, etc. and market stereotypes....Seattle shows have baristas and geeks, Kevin & Bean in LA have a surfer dude, etc.). Turn regular callers into recurring characters like Brett Douglas from Kiss/Gainesville does, by giving them nicknames: Angry Tom, Linda with an Opinion, etc.

- Look for ways to interact with other people to give the show dynamics...traffic and news people if you have them.Try to get people with interesting and entertaining texts, Facebook comments and tweets to go on the air with you to add the dimension of another voice.

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