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Ian Punnett Writes Second Book.

Coast to Coast AMs and myTalk107.1s Ian Punnett pens children's book called "Jackula the Vampire Dog." Inspired by his dog Jack, a Boston terrier he adopted from a local rescue, Punnett gives all profits in support of childrens and animal charities nationwide. Punnett says Its important to me to do creative work for a greater purpose. Childrens books can make kids laugh, bring families together and raise money at the same time.

Listen to our interview with Punnett tomorrow right here at where he discusses his number one rated morning show, which he does with his wife, and his Sunday night fill-in gig on Coast-to-Coast AM. Punnett's new book sells for for $16.95 and is the story of a little girl suffering from bad dreams who takes comfort in a stray dog that watches over her while she sleeps.  But the dog has a secret a secret thats good news for lonely little girls and bad news for the neighborhood squirrels.  The books dark humor has earned Punnett the honor of being called Shel Silverstein-esque.

(10/3/2011 9:45:19 AM)
Ian & his wife Margery are what radio should be all about. Let everyone take notice of a true on-air talent--and emulate him!

- Barry Cohen

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