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Radio Managers: Are You Ready to Fail?

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Do you start your work day so worried about failing you never try anything new or innovative? Are you so fearful of what your boss will say or do to you that have just become part of normal? Seth Godin has a little advice for all radio managers, and that is, take a half hour every day, and go out and fail.

The best-selling author's 14th book is called "We Are All Weird." In it he argues the era of mass marketing is over and how we should all, including radio, focus on our tribes. Godin also predicts spectrum will be worthless in 5 years. And, he says radio loves to copy. "That's not winning. That's not poking the box. Radio needs more leaders and fewer managers. Great leaders are people who fail." Radio Ink editor Ed Ryan had a chance to interview Godin about his new book, his thoughts on radio and why people should fail. Listen to it here or download it from iTunes

Listen to Radio Ink Editor Ed Ryan's interview with Seth Godin
Purchase Seth's latest book below.

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